Foam Net

Foam net used for wrapping various type of fruits to prevent scratch or bruising of the fruit’s skin during transportation. The advantage of using foam net is to maintain the quality of the fruits. The customer can customize the size and shape of the foam net since our technology is advanced enough to produce it in a different type

Air Bubble

Air bubble or Bubble wrap used for wrapping products to prevent it from any damaging that would cause during the transportation. The product produces from unique plastic materials; it is waterproof, oil resistant and acidproof. Moreover, Air bubble is lightweight and soft.

EPE Foam

EPE foam, which made from Polyurethane, is known for its highly flexible texture. It used for protecting the products from any damage, and it is common to use packing furniture, electronic appliances and electronic parts.


HDPE bag has the characteristics of toughness, flexible and can support the weight as well. It can also be resistant to cold and hot temperature. It is used widely for food packaging or other fields.

Heat Insulation Foam

Heat Insulation Foam (PE), which made from Polyethylene plastic by using advance technology in bonding Metalized film with Polyethylene plastic which has low thermal conductivity with Dry laminate system.